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An award-winning Ugandan musical legend with an awe-inspiring personal story—performing around the world and uplifting millions.

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Viva Africa

Sitya Loss


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EdDy’s Story



Edrisah Musuuza (Eddy Kenzo) went from homeless child selling water on the streets of Uganda’s capital to one of Africa’s biggest musical sensations with over 100 million YouTube views, seven albums, numerous collaborations with other top artists and philanthropic initiatives.  

At the age of four, Eddy lost his mother who was his everything.  Unable to locate his father, he spent the next 13 years as a homeless child growing up in the streets—what he dubs the “University of Understanding”.  Music was his safe haven amidst the street hustle.  His God-given talent in singing, songwriting and dancing quickly became apparent as Eddy Kenzo became a household name across Uganda. 

His song “Sitya Loss” was his first breakthrough on the international stage with over 50 million YouTube views alone.  It presents the fundamentally positive message of not fearing loss and instead enjoying life.  Such is the character of Eddy Kenzo’s music: pure positivity.  

This successful message has uplifted impoverished youth around the world, particularly the Triplet Ghetto Kids who Eddy Kenzo propelled onto the world stage.  He takes philanthropy very seriously.   For example, he finances a school of 250 students in his hometown Masaka (pictured here) and founded a football (soccer) talent academy for underprivileged youth. 

Eddy Kenzo’s dream is to create a sustainable, scalable platform for ghetto children to change their own lives.


Contact: info@eddykenzo.com